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advisor Sam Monaghan portraitIt is my privilege to serve the Sea Inspiration mission on the Advisory Board, and as our bilingual (English/Japanese) host, providing narration and translation for a variety of educational videos—all of which help people see the sea and become inspired by it.

I’m an ocean-loving guy, and spend so much time bodysurfing and snorkeling around in the sea that my friend Ray has nicknamed me “Snorkel Sam.”

I’ve traveled extensively throughout the world documenting the sea as a photographer. I also speak Japanese fluently, and for 15 years hosted a popular TV series about Hawai`i that aired in Japan called "Aloha Tengoku." That show reached more than eight million homes and featured all the cool things you can do in the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to that, I wrote a column for the Japan Airlines website, titled “Sam's Log.” Recently I’ve gained some television exposure in Japan for escorting the famous Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe, Hokulea, during its first visit to Japan.

Over the years, I’ve launched several restaurants in Waikiki, and I really enjoy spending my spare time with my son, Maka. Together we bodysurf the waves at Sandy Beach and Point Panic. I also like underwater still photography and have traveled the world documenting inspiring seascapes through my lens.

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Sea Inspiration is grateful to Sam Monaghan for sharing his beautiful ocean photography with us for our website and printed materials. Please take a moment to enjoy his stunning images in this photo gallery.

Photos by Sam Monaghan