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I am a writer based in the Pacific Northwest. I have a B.A. in history (Univ. of Oregon, 2010) and a B.A. in journalism (Univ. of Oregon, 2014) with a focus in multimedia production and long-form narrative, and I am a lifetime member of the Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Tau Alpha honors societies.

My writing for print has been featured in Oregon Quarterly and Science & Memory, and my writing for screen has been featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Lens. In 2013-14, a team of student journalists and I won second place in the Hearst Journalism Awards for Team Reporting in Multimedia for their work on Into the Evergreen.

Though a writer by trade, I have also worked on eight independent short films and produced numerous video and multimedia pieces as a producer, director, production manager, and more. I currently teach at the University of Oregon. As a child, I grew up on beaches and in the water, and I appreciate the work Sea Inspiration does to raise awareness and get audiences of all ages curious and passionate about exploring and protecting our oceans and marine life. 

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