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advisor Jessea LuMy current work is as a scientific advisor to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, specifically regarding how individuals' genetic makeup may influence their response to medications.

I’m a professionally certified dive instructor and also teach freediving classes in Hawaii. For me, freediving is the most intimate way to connect with the ocean. I hold the Chinese national record in free-diving, and am an instructor trainer with Performance Free-diving International. I can hold my breath for more than six minutes and dive to 150 feet as the beautiful underwater world provides me with an indescribable sense of relaxation and belonging.

My education includes a doctorate degree in medicine, which feeds my interest in research on the physiological and psychological effects of freediving. I want to make freediving a safer and more enjoyable sport around the world. Through freediving, I discovered what I refer to as a "switch" method—which helps manage stress and anxiety for a higher quality of life. I enjoy sharing my life-changing dive experiences with every diver and soon-to-be diver I meets.

I am drawn to the ocean and what's beneath the surface. I lead nation-wide conservation projects in China to promote public awareness of marine life via art, sports, and education. I am honored to be an Advisory Board member of Sea Inspiration and look forward to bringing our educational, inspirational programming to Asia, especially my home country of China.

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