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advisor Bill WylandI was born in Detroit Michigan and have been living in Hawaii since 1987. I am the founder of Bill Wyland Galleries International, the Wyland Collection Stores, and most recently, The Bill Wyland Galleries in Lahaina, Maui.

In 1997, I founded Bill Wyland Holdings, which is an angel investment company that helps companies build out global sales and marketing channels and joint publishing, printing, media, electric vehicle and technology sector startups.

My latest endeavor is Hawaii Renewable Fuels, LLC (HRF) where I am a managing partner. HRF is a Hawaii-based project developer, providing cellulosic renewable bio-diesel and/or bio-jet fuel to both commercial and military specifications.

As an avid SCUBA diver, I’ve traveled extensively (visiting over 100 countries), which has given me the unique opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful places on earth. Unintentionally, it has also shown me first-hand exactly what happens when our precious oceans and resources are abused. Being a steward of our lands and sea are a priority for me.

Sea Inspiration is in perfect alignment my personal beliefs and with Ocean Aid and, of which I am one of the founding partners. With the Ocean Aid festival brand and L•E•A•F principals we created, and through our coalition of successful nonprofit partners such as Sea Inspiration, Love the Sea supports a local and global network of ocean stewards. We work toward the eradication of plastic and marine debris in the world’s oceans through direct action, innovative educational outreach, and strategic policy campaigns that mitigate the use of plastics plaguing our local and global environment. Ocean Aid’s first annual Music festival was held in April 2017 in Waikiki on the island of Oahu. “Together we can save the oceans from plastics.”

I’m honored to be a Sea Inspiration Advisory Board member.

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