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Like you, we are concerned about the state of our planet and our fellow humans.

Erica Beach TrashWe see the pollution and exploitation of our oceans—and we find it unacceptable. We see people who need education about the plight of the sea because they don’t understand what we—as a society—are doing to the salty waters that sustain all of us.

We see people dealing with pain and frustration; children with disabilities and diseases; wounded veterans seeking to heal-up and move on with their lives.

We see all of this and we are determined to make a positive difference when humans and the sea intersect. There are many things going wrong in the world—but there many more ways to fix them - if we work together.

The positive potential of humanity to heal each other and the sea, that is our inspiration.

See our inspiration...Sea Inspiration

Please explore our activities and how we are helping people and oceans heal each other...then join us!


Trash on our beaches and in our oceans