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Audrey and Pearl Harbor SurvivorsThe Sea Inspiration team had the honor to be in the presence of true American heroes as they visited the students at Navy Hale Keiki School.

We were there to film and help host the event as brave WWII heroes shared their stories and struggles with the pre-school through 4th graders.

The school was founded in 1946 and more than 95% of the students attending are children of U.S. Military Service Members. These brave children are the heroes who sacrifice for our country as their parents are called to duty.

Each Veteran went to a classroom to reach out to these children. They shared the struggles they lived through during the war and the aftermath. Sea Inspiration Founder Ray Hollowell captured very intimate moments as the Veterans answered the children’s questions. Sea Inspiration President Patti Mitchell’s granddaughter’s classmate posed a question to a Pearl Harbor Survivor, “How did you feel when you realized what was happening?” It took him some time to contain himself before he could answer. It was very clear that many of these brave heroes—for the first time—were sharing their struggles of the horror they lived through.

The Veterans were treated to lunch and entertainment in appreciation of their service to our country. The children and Veterans contributed to a time capsule, and in a ceremony, buried the capsule at the school and planted a tree.

The students and adults alike will never forget the event.

Sea Inspiration was honored to be able to contribute to this event by filming it to help memorialize this amazing moment in time. We esteem our military service people so highly that we have a special program called Healing Adventures to provide them with positive, uplifting experiences in the Hawaiian Islands.

Learn more about the Healing Adventures we honor our veterans with.