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Eli meets Lilo and StitchThe Sea Inspiration team was contacted by James Donnelly “Director of New Developments” for Make-A-Wish Hawaii to help facilitate four-year-old Eli with his dream of meeting a Hawaiian princess and a popular YouTube pig who can surf.

Eli, his parents and little sister, Lilly, flew in from Missouri for a much-deserved break.

Three-time Women’s World Surfing Champion Carissa Moore answered the call and dressed up as a Hawaiian princess. Sea Inspiration’s mascot, Kama the Surfing Pig and "dad" Kai Holt joined in the fun!

Many Hawaiian partners—as well as an endangered Hawaiian monk seal—showed up at the beach to help make Eli’s wish come true.

Eli and his little sister Lilly were the best students Carissa Moore could ask for. They were out surfing in no time. The kids were delighted to play with Kama and even got a legitimate “piggy back” ride!

Sea Inspiration is thrilled to organize a positive experience like this for children and teens facing medical challenges. Please see our page Healing Adventures for Young People to learn about this heart-warming program.

All photos by Jackie Fiero